Right Weigh introduces its first digital onboard load scale

Right Weigh Inc. has announced the launch of its first digital onboard load scale, the new E-Z Weigh scale.

The announcement was made in conjunction with the Great American Trucking Show under way here.

The new E-Z Weigh scale monitors the weight of any single, tandem or tri-axle group of an air suspension straight truck, tractor, or trailer, according to Scott McCulloch, director of communications.

Measuring and reading on-the-ground weight in pounds and kilograms, these weather-tight digital gauges are intended to withstand extreme temperatures and inclement weather conditions, allowing for exterior installation, he said.

The E-Z Weigh’s design incorporates a simple two-point calibration process, ensuring accurate weight readings within at least 300 pounds or better.

A large LCD display allows for easy viewing from 30 feet or more, even in bright sunlight.

“This is the scale that will finally make digital onboard weighing accessible to the whole industry, including those without deep pockets,” McCulloch said. “The E-Z Weigh load scale was carefully designed to keep manufacturing costs as low as possible, while still maintaining the high quality and reliability standards that we’ve built our reputation on. By taking advantage of the latest advances in technology and components, we were ultimately able to develop a simple and accurate digital unit, while still keeping its cost low.”

“Our development of this scale is in response to our customer’s requests for a digital scale that is user-friendly and reliable, but still affordable,” said Andy Mount, vice president of Right Weigh, and chief engineer on this project. “It is our goal to offer the right scale for every customer, so this is a very strong addition to our existing line of mechanical scales. I’m confident that our E-Z Weigh digital scale will provide a better alternative to any other digital system available on the market today.”

Prime installing onboard scales for time, cost savings

Prime, North America’s largest refrigerated carrier, is outfitting its entire fleet of Class 8 trucks with Right Weigh onboard load scales. The move is being done to increase efficiency and safety, say officials at the carrier.

Prime is using Right Weigh’s exterior-mounted scale Model 310-54 to monitor its trailers and the interior dashmounted Model 510-46 for its tractors.

The Model 310-54 displays, on an analog dial face, the truck’s real on-the-ground axle weight measurement, instead of a standard suspension PSI (pounds per square inch) value. The scale is pre-mounted in an impact resistant all-weather enclosure.

The Model 510-46 interior scale also provides real on-the-ground axle weight measurement, shown on an analog, in-dash, backlit gauge.

Both load scales measure a tractor’s drives or trailer’s axle weights, with an accuracy of 250 pounds or better.

Simple to adjust through the calibration screw on the face of the gauge, they offer the same weight information as their digital counterparts, Right Weigh officials say, but “without the significant expense.” The scales have a MSRP of $95 to $230.

To operate the scales, the driver loads his truck as he normally would. Then, with the brakes off on a level surface, he reads the scale and adjusts the load accordingly.

With more then 3,500 Right Weigh scales already in use fleetwide, Prime is continuing to retrofit its existing tractors and trailers, while all new trailers come equipped with the scales installed at the factory.

While the scales are providing a strong return on investment for the company, they are also directly benefiting drivers, says Paul Higgins, Prime’s plaza director. Being able to weigh at the loading site, drivers no longer have to use public in-gound scales, which saves time, money, and aggravation. What’s more, the onboard scales help drivers maintain safe and legal axle weights.

Based in Springfield, Missouri, Prime transports a variety of goods throughout the contiguous US, Canada, and Mexico with a fleet of more than 2,800 tractors, 2,600 refrigerated trailers, 824 flatbed trailers, and 163 tanker trailers.

Sunbelt Rentals installs Right Weigh Load Scales nationwide

Sunbelt Rentals, with more than 470 equipment rental locations worldwide, has selected Right Weigh Load Scales to outfit its fleet of Class 8 transport vehicles, encouraging installation on all existing equipment and new equipment purchases, as a preventative safety measure.

“We are continuing to install Right Weigh Load Scales on our rollback and tractor-trailer units,” says Byron Adkins, corporate safety manager for Charlotte, N.C.-based Sunbelt. “The ease of installation, accompanied by the effectiveness of the onboard scales to maximize our dispatch capabilities, helps our drivers quickly identify the accurate weights of the loads being transported. The scales give our drivers another tool to help us in servicing our customers on a timely delivery schedule, while ensuring that we move legal loads on the highways.”

With the addition of Right Weigh Load Scales fleetwide, Sunbelt Rentals says it has addressed a major safety concern of the heavy equipment rental industry and the trucking industry at large. “They recognize the serious safety implications of maintaining legal weights and balanced loads at all times,” says Andy Mount, managing director of Sherwood, Ore.-based Right Weigh. “Right Weigh’s onboard load scales make it simple for drivers to balance their loads and know their axle weights every time, without having to locate an inground scale.”